Coors Halloween Video

I'm really not good with anything horror related. I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to anything scary. So when I was approached to shoot this short Halloween video for Coors Beer, I got a little bit nervous. But I'm an adult, so I figured I could handle it. After all, I knew what the scary parts would be! 

I still got a little bit scared while filming. It probably didn't help that the building we were shooting in was pretty damn creepy to start with.

Hannah & Az's Christmas Farmhouse Wedding

While I was back in Albury over Christmas, I had a last minute wedding request from Hannah and Az. Now, first things first, I love last minute bookings. They're good fun, the couples are often pretty laidback, and I do actually enjoy shooting weddings! People are in good moods, I get to socialise, and take a whole bunch of gorgeous photos (plus the food is always delicious!)

Hannah and Az were the perfect example of the kind of bride and groom I love to photograph. They were friendly, funny, relaxed, and the farmhouse they were at was beautiful. It almost made my job too easy.

Anyway, enough of the chatter, here's the photos.