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Hey, I’m Reece

First things first, I'm a Sydney based photographer & videographer.

I believe authenticity is the single most important part of a good image, especially in our highly stimulated world, where folks can spot fakeness a mile away. My style, and the way I shoot, is all centered around capturing images that feel genuine to the viewer. I honestly love the work I do, and I love putting the people I photograph at ease.

I’ve been taking this career seriously since 2013, shooting for fitness & active lifestyle clients, yoga studios, small local businesses, alongside multinational corporations & construction companies. Regardless of the client, my photographic principle stays the same, to always strive to capture imagery that feels real, natural & unstaged.

My portraits have been accepted as finalists in the 2015 and 2016 National Photographic Portrait Prize at Australia's National Portrait Gallery.

It's easiest to email me at reece@reecemcmillan.com, but I can also be reached on (+61) 0431 265 811

Returning & Past Clients include

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