Injury and Hiatus Explained

Shortly after the last thing I posted, I had a slight run-in on the roads. I was riding through town, heading straight through a green light, when a car on the opposite side of the road decided to turn in front of me. The cars before me cleared the intersection and there were no cars behind me, so he decided to turn, and cut me off, with no possibility of me avoiding an accident. I went over the bars, and snapped my collarbone into 3 pieces, swearing all the way through the incident. Of course, after probably 15 years of cycling on the roads, it was basically inevitable that I wouldn't be lucky enough to avoid the idiotic/ignorant drivers that exist on these roads.

IMG_2055 IMG_2343

Anyway, that was just over two months ago. I had a plate drilled into my shoulder, to join the (very) separated pieces of my left clavicle, and taught myself how to be a right-hander. Writing, toothbrushing, and chopstick handling are now skills I can conduct ambidextrously... So there's the positive!

It started as a mostly quiet period of recovery, with lots of internet browsing, pork rolls, TV series, and books. Until I reached the 6 week mark, where I had too good a job opportunity to pass up, shooting for MPGL magazine, down on the Mornington Peninsula (see: facebook). I jumped on a plane, the sling came off, and I spent the next week behind the lens doing what I love. More on that later..