Roll 1. Cara at Dartmouth. Kodak Gold 200, Canon EOS 3

Early in the new year, I ended up on a spur of the moment road trip to Dartmouth Dam.

The roll only had 24 shots, and it turns out I had already used it as a test roll in 2015 for a Zenit XP12 (That camera only made it through 6 frames before the shutter threw in the towel. So, I wasn't off to the smoothest start to the year, unintentionally double exposing the first frames. But I was damn happy with the rest of the results I got.

It's the first time I photographed Cara. She was a bit shy around the camera (This has decreased with subsequent rolls of film over the past couple of months). I even got a portrait of myself in this roll, pre-haircut. All in all, not a bad first roll for the year.

Canon EOS 3, Sigma 35mm 1.4
Kodak Gold 200
Developed and scanned at Charing Cross Photo, by my mate Yasmin Mund