Roll 0. About The Analog Catalog

I had every intention of starting this project months ago. But I didn't, so I'm starting it now. 

Since 2009, I've had a love affair with shooting film. It began with a borrowed Minolta SRT-100b, and taking photos of the typical 'beginner photographer' subjects. Graffiti alleyways, plants, interesting doors, friends. The usual. 

In 2011, in a vintage store in Skopje, Macedonia, I found a Minolta SRT-101, which was to become my own analog companion. I paired it with a 28mm lens I found later in Istanbul, and that camera became the workhorse helped me photograph South Eastern Europe, and Kenya. In the 5 years since, my working camera collection has grown, my fridge has continued to fill with film, and I've shot increasingly more and more personal work on film instead of digital.

Every photographer who shoots with film can talk at length about the perceived benefits of it, or why they prefer it. I'm no exception, but that's not what this exercise is all about. Shooting film, and seeing the results, makes me feel so genuinely happy, but until now, I've avoided sharing the majority of these photos. The plan was, starting in January, to share photos from every roll/pack of film I shoot, and while I was late to start, I'm going through with it anyway.

As a freelance photographer, I currently shoot every commissioned job on digital. I'm still yet to find a client willing to take the chance on film. Here's hoping this project changes that.