Seljavallaug, Iceland

I left Australia again. Only for 6 weeks this time, and only to the UK, Iceland, and a brief visit to Prague. As I write this, I'm in Vik, Iceland. Rather than go into detail, I'll keep this brief... Saving my energy for late nights chasing the Aurora Borealis.

For now, here's the current highlight of the trip. Seljavallalaug pool, nestled at the foothills south of Eyjafjallajokull (That volcano that erupted in 2010). I nearly fell in a semi-frozen creek on the 20 minute walk to find it. It's still the tail-end of winter, and the roads are icy. Even for a geothermal pool, it's not the warmest at this time of year..

But look at the view. Mountains on one side, and a valley leading toward the ocean on the other. 25 metres of serene bliss, followed by a near-freezing towel off and redress.


Culture on Cockatoo Island

I finally made it to Cockatoo Island. What was meant to be an afternoon of art appreciation (for Sydney's Biennale), became more of a photographic wander around the half empty buildings. I'm not sure what is happening in the art world, but it seems like multimedia and video are faaaaar outnumbering any other artistic mediums these days.

So, that's why we ended up wandering and taking photos. And, I'll just say, I want to come back.