Leah & Michael's Wedding, Dunbar House

This wedding was too much fun.

There’s a distinct change of pace that comes with being hired to photograph a job for a friend. Whether it’s photographing their business, their fashion range, or a wedding.

In this case, the bride and groom, Leah and Michael, were exposed to my photography by Leah’s sister, one of my closest friends. During my years overseas, she was showing them the travel portraits I was creating, and they were apparently loving it. Conveniently, they became engaged shortly after I moved back to Australia, and they locked me in for their big day.

Fast forward to the morning of the wedding, and I’m walking into Leah’s house, greeted by her mum Wendy, with a coffee and a hug (because friends). Some laughs, preparation photos, and a brunch sandwich later, and I’m en route to Michael’s borrowed penthouse to see how the men are going. To avoid going into too much detail, there’s more laughs and banter where the boys are, followed by delicious Japanese whisky, and a classy uber ride to the beautiful Dunbar House, in Watson’s Bay.

Now, Dunbar House is a pretty awesome venue, right on the water of Watsons Bay. The ceremony was held under the big tree on the front lawn (good weather, thankfully), and the reception was held on the second floor, with more killer views. Following on from some of the best wedding speeches I’ve ever heard (Bonus points to the maid of honour, Renee, for talking more about herself than Leah or Michael), and the dance floor came alive. As the evening progressed, I caught myself dancing more and more, having far too much fun for someone at work. But in my defence, the best man, Andy, took it upon himself to get everyone partying, and was dragging the waiters, barstaff, and venue manager onto the dancefloor as well.

So, yes, this wedding was too much fun.